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PoolDevil Pro - Automatic Pool Cleaner

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The PoolDevil Pro™ rests on the surface of your pool to collect all surface debris, before it can settle on to the bottom or clog your filter. Just Float it and Forget it!

There are a lot of nasty things that collect in pools - leaves, grass, insects, pollen, dirt, and more. These things, even fine particles, can collect on the surface of the pool, sink to the bottom, and clog leaf traps and filters.

The PoolDevil Pro™ draws in these particles and holds them in a specially designed filtration bag, keeping your pool clean and the filters clear and running.

  • Reduces strain on the filtration pump and prevents clogging, enhancing the pump's performance and life

  • Removes all floating debris from the surface of your pool, before it settles on the bottom

  • Runs off pool jets - no extra power source needed

  • Constructed of top quality, ultra durable, UV-treated materials

The PoolDevil Pro™ works by creating a circular flow on the surface of the pool. This patented "flo thru" venturi system acts like a magnet, pulling the debris in to the filtration bag. This specially designed bag will continue to hold dirt and particles, no matter how full it gets.

The PoolDevil Pro™ automatically positions itself along the sidewall of the pool and stays out of the way while you are swimming. It works with both above- and in-ground pools and includes a selection of fittings that will allow the PoolDevil Pro™ to adapt to the majority of pools built in the last 20 years.

Just float the PoolDevil Pro™ on the surface of your pool and forget it - it will keep your pool clean and your filtration systems running smoothly. Don't spend hours cleaning your pool - let the PoolDevil Pro™ do the work for you!

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