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Worx 14" Chainsaw Loop

Item # RKWA0155
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After all of its hard work, your Worx chainsaw may be in need of an updated chainsaw loop. Worx provides the pieces you need to bring your lawn and yard equipment back up to top standards. Grab a Worx 14" Chainsaw Loop to replace an old chain or to add as a spare to keep handy when you need it.

This Worx 14" Chainsaw Loop is compatible with 14" WG300 series chainsaws and the 14" replacement bar from Worx. It features chisel grind geometry that works to improve the chain sharpness as well as the chainsaw speed and cutting efficiency. Ramp-shaped depth gauges keep up productivity while safely letting you work with less kickback.

Bring your Worx chainsaw back to perfect working condition with this replacement Worx 14" Chainsaw Loop.

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