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Ginsu Chikara Cleaver

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The Ginsu Chikara 7" Cleaver is a cleverly designed, Asian-style cleaver that chops, slices, minces, and transfers boneless meat and vegetables with ease. Part of the Ginsu Chikara collection, the Chikara Cleaver's quality is unmatched.

The new Ginsu Chikara series continues the Ginsu name as a symbol of ancient Japanese traditions. The word "Chikara" means Energy and Power, and Ginsu Chikara knives perfectly express the true meaning of Chikara, breathing new life into your kitchen.

  • Specialized knives for dexterity to complete all cutting jobs with ease and precision
  • Blades are forged from Japanese stainless steel, known for its stain and rust resistance, strength, and its ability hold an extremely sharp edge
  • Traditional Japanese-style handles are comfortable and strong, made of heat- and water-resistant resin

Ginsu's attention to detail and design are evident in the construction of each forged Chikara knife, where old world craftsmanship meets modern machinery.

  • Knives are precision forged from one solid piece of high-carbon, Japanese stainless steel
  • The steel is heat treated and ice hardened to make each blade exceptionally hard
  • All finishing work is done by hand to give each knife a superior edge

Experience Chikara in the balance, precision, and durability of the exquisite Ginsu Chikara series with the Chikara 7" Cleaver. Crafted with Ginsu's quality materials and workmanship, the distinct details of the Chikara series will bring your kitchen to a new level.

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