Edge Eyewear's exclusive G-15 Lenses are designed for the brightest conditions, from sunny deserts to snowy mountains, and are ideal for minimizing glare on the water. G-15 Lenses were engineered by the U.S. Air Force to maximize green/yellow light, which gives your eyes a noticeable cooling sensation.

  • U.S. Air Force technology enhances contrast and image definition
  • G-15 Lenses optimize transmission of green and yellow light
  • Unique design provides a cooling sensation to the eyes
  • Polarized lenses filter out glare from above and reflected light from below
  • Available in Dakura, Kazbek, Kazbek XL, and Khor styles

Whether you're on the snow, in the desert, or on the water, Edge Eyewear's G-15 lenses offer Air Force quality protection and superior vision enhancement.

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