SoniCrafter Kits

Rockwell SoniCrafter Kits include a variety of accessories that let you tackle virtually any job around the house, garage, shop, or worksite. Whether you're a beginner, do-it-yourselfer, or professional contractor, you'll find a SoniCrafter Kit that's right for you.

The Rockwell SoniCrafter is a contractor-grade multipurpose tool that does it all, including cutting, sanding, rasping, grinding, scraping, cleaning, and polishing. This lightweight, ergonomically-designed tool fits into tight spaces and odd angles that larger tools can't reach, allowing for maximum performance potential.

  • Sand even the tightest spaces, such as louvered window shutters
  • Remove grout lines and replace damaged ceramic tiles
  • Saw pipes and nails flush to the wall and make recesses for pipes
  • Cut and remove carpet and scrape away old floor coverings

The SoniCrafter is engineered with Microsonic Blade Technology, creating up to 20,000 high frequency oscillations per minute. This oscillation technology gives you steady, controlled performance, making the SoniCrafter fast, smooth, and incredibly safe to use. Get the all-in-one SoniCrafter, along with a variety of useful accessories and attachments, in any of our Rockwell SoniCrafter Kits.

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