Drill Bits

Freud Solid Carbide Drill Bits are designed to drill smaller holes and are ideal for use with multiple spindle machines. Use with adaptors to create a 10mm x 20mm shank, which is compatible with most boring machines.

  • Ideal for use with automatic and manual multi-spindle boring machines
  • Use with adaptors to create a 10mm x 20mm shank, compatible with most boring machines
  • For composition materials, solid surface materials, plywoods, hardwoods, and softwoods

Get superior results on multiple spindle machines with Freud Solid Carbide Drill Bits.

Item # Cut Dia.(D) Overall Length(L) Max Hole Depth Rotation Shank Dia. More Info
7620L 2mm 49mm 18mm Left 2mm View
7620R 2mm 49mm 18mm Right 2mm View
7625L 2.5mm 55mm 22mm Left 2.5mm View
7625R 2.5mm 55mm 22mm Right 2.5mm View
7630L 3mm 55mm 22mm Left 3mm View
7630R 3mm 55mm 22mm Right 3mm View
7632L 3.2mm 55mm 22mm Left 3.2mm View
7632R 3.2mm 55mm 22mm Right 3.2mm View
7635L 3.5mm 55mm 25mm Left 3.5mm View
7635R 3.5mm 55mm 25mm Right 3.5mm View
7640L 4mm 55mm 25mm Left 4mm View
7640R 4mm 55mm 25mm Right 4mm View

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