Prime Time Solutions is pleased to offer a variety of premium cleaning cloths, including Microfiber cloths, to revolutionize the way you clean. Innovative Microfiber cloths trap dirt and grime like a magnet for an unbeatable clean using only water. Our cloths are washable, reusable, safe, and effective on virtually any surface.

  • Fuller Brush's line of Microfiber cloths includes Dust and Glass cleaning cloths
  • The Flitz Microfiber Cloth is ideal for washing and polishing your car, truck, or RV
  • All-Purpose Microfiber Cloths can be used wet or dry for total versatility and the best value
  • Microfiber Drying Cloths use an absorbent waffle-weave texture for dry, streak-free surfaces
  • Suede Cloths safely remove dirt and grime without scratching delicate, fragile surfaces
  • Optical Cloths are the safe, gentle way to clean and polish eyeglasses and delicate surfaces
  • The Jersey Scrubber blasts through tough dirt, grime, and even baked-on kitchen messes
  • Our variety of Microfiber Kits include a selection of cloths, dusters, and more!

Professional-grade cleaning cloths are durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly, giving you the ultimate clean and the best value. Use them on any surface for unsurpassed cleaning results every time.

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